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ROM Formatting Information

The following disk images contain all the formatting information needed to disassemble specific Macintosh ROM images with FDisasm:

Macintosh Plus

Name for Mini vMac: vMac.ROM
Size: 128k

fdplusv2-0.4.3.zip (72K)
version 2
Checksum: 4D1EEAE1
md5 Checksum: 16b516e13918a439cf9031ec24353610

fdplusv3-0.4.3.zip (72K)
version 3
Checksum: 4D1F8172
md5 Checksum: 8a41e0754ffd1bb00d8183875c55164c

Macintosh 128/512

Name for Mini vMac: Mac128K.ROM
Size: 64k

fdmac128v1-0.4.4.zip (53K)
version 1
Checksum: 28BA61CE
md5 Checksum: 1d7f52d2d490524954f6afce083d9593

fdmac128v2-0.4.4.zip (53K)
version 2
Checksum: 28BA4E50
md5 Checksum: db7e6d3205a2b48023fba5aa867ac6d6

Macintosh SE

Name for Mini vMac: MacSE.ROM
Size: 256k

fdmacse-0.5.1.zip (85K)
Checksum: B2E362A8
md5 Checksum: 9fb38bdcc0d53d9d380897ee53dc1322

Macintosh II

Name for Mini vMac: MacII.ROM
Size: 256k

fdmacii-0.2.2.zip (102K)
Checksum: 9779D2C4
md5 Checksum: 66223be1497460f1e60885eeb35e03cc

PowerBook 100

Name for Mini vMac: MacII.ROM
Size: 256k

fdpb100-0.2.1.zip (101K)
Checksum: 96645F9C
md5 Checksum: dd390f7c86a730caac46fd522f8b2665

“Twiggy” Macintosh prototype

Name for Mini vMac: Twiggy.ROM
Size: 64k

fdtwiggy-0.1.0.zip (49K)
Checksum: 2884371D
md5 Checksum: 4f28b54a2c6d699b596a1e6072a57f58


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